“Having the vision and bravery to think differently reaps reward. Combine this with talent and integrity and you have a heady combination. Cornwall plays host to designers, artists, makers and businesses whose endeavours are testament to their firmly held beliefs and visions. Many have swapped corporate city lives for the call of the coast enabling them to live lives well spent whilst telling stronger stories with greater clarity and conviction. Brian and Judi Green left London for Tregony to curate a gallery with a difference. Their refreshingly intelligent and honest approach to art and exhibitions has made them the go-to destination for artists and collectors”.
Hannah Tapping
Drift Magazine


Tregony Gallery is an artist-run gallery with an impressive roster of distinguished British and international contemporary artists. Based in the ancient village of Tregony, Cornwall, the gallery enjoys a fine reputation as both an established local landmark and a vibrant online space.

Gallery owners Brian and Judi Green seek to celebrate distinctive observational painting and artists who possess something different in the way they see and interpret the world. Maintaining a close bridge between Cornwall and London, Brian and Judi share their vision of curating and collecting art through an exciting programme of on-site exhibitions, catalogues and featured works on their popular Instagram account.

All the work is available to discover, choose and purchase in the gallery, online, via Instagram and the website. The gallery offers a bespoke service to individuals including art consultancy, curating, framing and shipping.

Image above is a panoramic of the front gallery for the ‘Parallels’ hang, 2022.

“Artist Judi Green and her partner Brian took over the well-established but quite traditionally oriented Tregony Gallery in Cornwall some four years ago and turned it into what good contemporary gallerists with a bit of venture and commitment in their bones could hope to achieve in the promotion of what I sometimes like to term ‘proper painting’. Maybe not so hard to do in St Ives with its huge, Tate St Ives primed audience but much harder work in a small holiday town. With younger painters like Mark Dunford, Kay Vinson and Sarah Spackman, trained in such place as the RCA, Slade, Camberwell and the Royal Drawing School, they have evolved a ‘house style’ of contemporary figuration that stretches from Uglow/Coldstream ‘structured’ observation to the more fluidly expressive and abstracted”.

Nicholas Usherwood, Galleries Magazine, 2019.


In addition to supporting established artists they nurture young and emerging artists within art schools and colleges awarding their annual Tregony Gallery Art Prize.

Follow us on social media to see what we are planning for 2024,  a behind-the-scenes look at our gallery including artists studio visits and first views of exhibitions. We have some exciting news to share soon!


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