The Painted Path

Emily Faludy | Lawrie Quigley

06 - 27 Jul 2024

The Painted Path is an immersive and exciting exhibition of paintings by award-winning artists Emily Faludy and Lawrie Quigley. It is the result of a year spent working on the Cornish South West Path at sites from Fowey to Tintagel.

Emily brings vibrant, energetic oil paintings to life with a range of plein air techniques, reflecting her passion for the natural world. Influenced by 20th-century masters like David Bomberg, Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff, her works are strikingly dynamic.

Lawrie’s work is marked by a reverence for landscape and a fascination with its shifting states. He has a deep interest in the expressive qualities of paint. His practice is influenced by Bomberg, as well as by JMW Turner and John Constable.

See all the works by Emily Faludy and Lawrie Quigley viewing in The Painted Path gallery here.
The Painted Path
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