Peter Clossick PPLG NEAC

b; 1948
Peter Clossick studied at Camberwell School of Art and Goldsmiths College during the early 1970s and has been engaged in professional fine art practice since. He is a member and Past President of The London Group an artist collective established in 1913 and also a member of The New English Art Club under the Federation of British Artists. Recent Quotes
“I hope something good comes of your exhibition, this is probably not of any help or relevance – but – of the images in the catalogue “Raft” and “Venus de Medici statue” worked for me….” Frank Auerbach 2019

"He has, most certainly, found a way of working that allows him to draw and paint his experiences of things in an utterly truthful way” Nicholas Usherwood 2019
"Clossick’s painting asserts its significance through the vigour with which it is invoked in the constructed morphology of the paint surface” Dr Eric Coombes 2019
"His is the moving and heuristic gaze, the act of discovering of the world through the exploration of possibilities.” “Speak of the uncertainties, anxieties and mysteries of existence of our time. He makes us feel the present, the here and now of our being in the world, the joy and the anguish of life in moments of heightened sensation. This is never a simple description of the outer skin of things, but rather a multi-layered reality.” Corinna Lotz 2018


Peter Clossick PPLG NEAC Liberty

Oil on Panel

61 x 60 cm, 24" x 23.5".


Peter Clossick PPLG NEAC Sophia

Oil on Canvas Mounted on Panel

115 x 39 cm, 45.5" x 15.5".


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